About me

Artist Statement

 My artistic theme is and has always been nature. It fascinates me as an artist by its originality, and also by its diversity. As for the artists of the Romantic period, the nature surrounding me stands for the all-embracing being, gives me comfort and strength.  Already during my studies of art I was enthusiastic about the viniculture in my home country. I wanted to portray the strict geometry with which the vines traverse the landscape. This is how I came to the linoleum printing technique, which is still my preferred printing technique today. In search of motifs, I often roam for hours through the forests of my homeland, collecting impressions, structures and special features. Then I return to my studio "charged" with impressions and process and vary them.

The development of my theme - whether it is a print or painting - is characterized by the question of the level of abstraction versus space-creating methods.  How many perspective lines are necessary to communicate an impression of space? Where is it sufficient to have one in front and one behind the other? And where do I have to intervene creatively to guide the eye. Which elements must the representation contain, and which color spectrum must I access in order to take the viewer to my emotional level?

Digital Drawing and Painting

Since two years now I am more and more occupied with digital drawing and painting. Compared to my previous painting, I have no contact to "real" color, but in the digital field there are much more and completely different possibilities of expression than with the classical medium canvas and color. A wide field of experimentation opened up for me to bring in additional design possibilities and to play with them.

Hand Printing (Linoleum Printing)

Despite my intensive studies in the digital world over the past two years, I wouldn't want to do without hand printing (linoleum printing). Nothing can replace the smell of the printing ink and the exciting moment when lifting the paper reveals the printing result. The result of a hand print reflects in an incomparable way the individuality of the printer, his psychological state, even the weather on the day of printing. Each print - despite a printing plate - thus becomes a unique specimen, which differs from its siblings by the smallest details.


One of my first works in digital technology won first place in the contest for digitalillustrators in July 2020 by rheinwerk Verlag, Bonn, Germany.